Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Your Suggestions...

Fersiwn Cymraeg

Thanks to everyone who has posted suggestions in our new suggestions boxes in the Library and Y Cwad. Here is our feedback to the most popular suggestions in Y Cwad this month...

"A clock in Y Cwad": good idea - we will certainly be getting a clock for Y Cwad!

"Some pictures on the wall": it has always been our intention to have artwork on the wall of Y Cwad, and we hope to have some in place shortly.

"Later hours at the evening and weekend": Y Cwad is open until 9pm Monday to Thursday, and we are currently running a survey about our opening hours which you can participate in here.

"More seating in Y Cwad": we have some more chairs on order which are due to arrive this week.

"More bins dotted around the place": there are already three recycling points in Y Cwad and we are monitoring the situation.

"Blinds for the windows": we don't currently have any plans to introduce blinds as we hope to make the most of the traditional appearance of this historic building.

"Skatepark": unfortunately we have no current plans to introduce a skate park!

Your suggestions for the Starbucks Cafe will be forwarded to the Halliwell Centre.

Please keep your suggestions coming!

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