Monday, 9 August 2010

Take Five, Read for Ten

Ten minutes of quality reading time with a child every day can make a real difference to children’s literacy levels was the message from Education Minister Leighton Andrews at the National Eisteddfod.

Speaking at the launch of the Welsh Assembly Government’s new literacy campaign, Take Five, Read for Ten, the Minister said:

“I want children to develop a love of reading. This new campaign encourages adults to take time out of their hectic lifestyles to spend ten minutes each day reading with a child."

The campaign forms a key part of the Assembly Government’s National Literacy Plan which will be launched in the autumn.

A leaflet on Take Five, Read for Ten is being made available throughout the summer to leisure centres across Wales and will be available to all primary schools in the autumn.

The leaflet contains some top tips on how to support children in their reading which include:

  • Read with your child every night.
  • Join a local library for free. You'll be amazed at what's on offer – story telling, fun events and books are free to borrow.
  • Follow the words with your finger as you read. Miss out words to check they are following and make them say it.
  • Visit your nearest bookshop or car boot sales for bargain books.
  • Reading isn’t just about books. It’s about football programmes, comics, recipes, rugby magazines, e-mails, computer games, text messages, digital story telling – they all have elements of reading

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