Monday, 8 September 2014

Important Announcement: Athens Accounts

Important Announcement

The way to access UWTSD Online Library resources is changing!

As you may be aware, UWTSD Library and Learning Resources at Carmarthen, Lampeter and London currently use the Athens login system for online resources such as e-books and e-journals. This system has several disadvantages:

  • You need to remember a separate login and password for Athens to your main University account;
  • We have to send your Athens login out via automated emails, which are sometimes blocked by junk mail filters;
  • It is not possible to update your Athens login easily if you change your course or are granted an extension,  and we have to manually extend it on request;
  • The Athens system is managed manually, which can result in a delay in responding to your emails at peak times.

To help resolve these problems and improve our service to you, the Library is moving away from Athens for most of our online resources starting from September 2014.  Instead, we will be introducing a new login system which allows you to use your University login and password.  You will not need to do anything to take advantage of this change.

To log in using the new system, from 22nd September you will need to make sure you access library resources either through the Library Website at or from the library catalogue at or  where you will be asked to log in using your UWTSD account.  Please note that it will not be possible to log in to our resources through a Google search or a previous bookmark, as the websites will have no way of knowing that you are from UWTSD.

If you already have an Athens account, it will continue to be valid for many resources until the expiry date.  We will be reducing our support for Athens from September onwards, however, and so if your login expires or you have difficulties we will encourage you to use the new login system.

There are a very small number of specialist resources which will continue to use Athens.  We will continue to issue and support Athens logins on demand for these resources only from September 2014:

If you have any queries please do get in touch with us:
Carmarthen -
Lampeter -
London -

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